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Traditional Wudang Sanfeng Training Routine Form List
I am really looking forward to the Eight Immortals Staff and more training for the Jian! Thank you for doing all of this!
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Zhan Zhuang - Standing Like a Post
In the Zhan Zhuang video on the online academy, you note that it should be done in the mornings. If one doesn't have time to get it in before work in the morning, is it still worth it to do Zhan Zhuang in the afternoon? Or would that be somehow counterproductive. I would think doing it at all would be better than skipping completely, but my current schedule only leaves one or two mornings a week with enough time before noon.
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Hello all from the States. I have been learning from the online academy for a few months now and am glad to see the forum. I have lurked a bit before but wanted to formally sign-up at last. Great resource!
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