Master Ziji

I want to ask our community:
  • Since how long do you practice?
  • What do you practice?
  • And what significant improvements did you achieve?
  • What motivates you in training?
  • What is your personal goal for practicing?

Thank You! I am eager to read your replies!

Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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Bernhard Schmied
I have been practicing Wudang Kung Fu since November 2016 with Master Ziji in Vienna. Today I finished learning all of the basic forms Ji Ben Quan, Xuan Gong Quan Yi Lu, Er Lu, San Lu, Fu Hu Quan, Tai Ji 28 and I also work regularly with the two Qi Gong routines. I love all of them, never have I been doing a more intense workout or sport that requires that much concentration and will power. I must say, even if it is just half a year for now, my level of concentration, my health and my awareness over whats going on in my body has rapidly risen and because the consistent training always pushes me to my limits physically and mentally, my cardiovascular-system and my spirit has also been improved a lot. My master and about 10 students from our academy are about to visit Wudangshan and our Grandmaster Chen Shiyu in August, so for now thats one of my biggest motivations to be well prepared. My personal goals are actually endless, but right now I am working really hard on strengthening my heart and increasing my concentration which brings a certain emotional balance and a little taste of what it means to be in tune with nature or the tao. I really recommend taking online lessons from the Wudang Online Academy or to visit our Kung Fu school in Vienna! Blessings and enjoy your training - JIAYO!!! 
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I have been practicing the Wudang arts for somewhere around three years.

My current practice includes a variety of forms, methods and techniques such as: Ji Ben Gong, Ji Ben Quan, Wudang 108 movement long form, Wudang 13 movement Taijiquan 'Mother Form,' Wudang 28 movement Taijiquan, Wudang Wuxing Daoyin, Wudang Moving Five Animal Qigong, Wudang Ba Duan Jin, Wudang Seated Ba Duan Jin, Wudang Hun Yuan Qigong, Wudang Heaven and Earth Qigong, Iron Shirt Qigong, various forms of Zhan Zhuang, including Wudang Internal Elxir 13 Shi Zhan Zhuang, as well as walking Qigong sets, Jing Gong (seated meditation) and various other Yang Sheng practices. I also continue to incorporate some Yang style 108 long form, Yang style Taijiquan Sabre and Chen style Bang into my practice (I had been practicing Yang and Chen style Taijiquan prior to coming to Wudang style).

It is my intention to begin learning Wudang Taiji Sword this fall.

To all my fellow practitioners, students of life and followers of the Way.

Dao an.

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