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The full list of San Feng forms (ordered by difficulty):

Suitable entry forms:

Additional important basic forms:

Advanced forms:

  • Xing Yi Quan
  • Tai He Quan
  • Tai Ji 13 steps
  • Tai Ji 48 steps
  • Xuan Zhen Quan
  • Xuan Gong Dao (Saber)
  • Tai Ji San Qian Kung (Fan)
  • Long Hua Jian (Sword)
  • Long Hua Quan
  • Xuan Men Jian (Sword)
  • Ba Ji Quan
  • Ba Xian Gun Yi Lu (Part 1)
  • Tai He Gun (Staff)
  • Tai Yi Fu Chen 拂塵 (Dust whiskers)
  • Chung Qiu Da Dao 大刀 (Pudao 朴刀)
  • Fang Bian Chan 方便鏟 (Shovel)
  • Ding Pa (Rake)
  • Zhi Wu Qiang 子午槍 (Spear)

Very advanced forms:

  • Xuan Wu Quan (Liang Yi Quan)
  • Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan (Five Elements)
  • Ba Gua Zhang
  • Ba Gua Dao (Giant saber)
  • Ba Xian Gun Er Lu (Part 2)
  • Ba Xian Jian (Sword)
  • San Feng Tai Ji Jian (Sword)
  • Tai Ji 108 steps

This list is complete with all traditional San Feng Pai forms up to the 14th generation, other forms are fictitious content and are neither listed nor supported by our academy.

Questions about some forms? Feel free to ask here!
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Master Ziji
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I am really looking forward to the Eight Immortals Staff and more training for the Jian! Thank you for doing all of this!
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Guillaume T
Hi everyone !

In Wudang Mountain, all peoples in academie learn all basics form, but after for the advanced form, all people learn all
forms or learn only few forms, maybe it depend on the teacher ? i don't know.
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Master Ziji
That is very depending on your development, the basics are needed - the advanced forms are up to you. But eventually, people will learn everything.
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Master Ziji
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