Master Ziji
Gong Fu or Kung Fu is a word that describes a focused effort to achieve a state of new realization. Wu Dang or Wudang is a region of Daoists and Daoist philosophy to achieve a state of balance, harmony.

Beginning with the extremes brings people closer to a balanced state to realize the borders of physical boundaries. This closed crater of physical condition gives us an opportunity to focus and to think about goals. At the moment when thinking is the hardest, we reflect on what is important. At the moment when the focus is most difficult, we focus on what's important.

Now is the time to give everything and realize everything in an instant. This moment here and now could be anytime. Daoists believe there is no best time for something when your thoughts crossed an ideal; there is always time for idealism. Living all our dreams and wishes is part of our reality and part of our goal to make it real. Right now we need all the power of realization that gives us the strength to not endure but tolerate all hardships that come before us.

Give yourself the freedom to your thoughts not to prejudge things. Calm your nerves and focus all your intention into your body, look at one thing and never look somewhere else. Step by step we become a little more of ourselves and grow with our physical and mental condition; last we find ourselves as a whole system of interaction and power transformation. Almost like electricity, we refill our kidneys with new energy to be a little more aware of ourselves.

We enjoy Gong Fu; we enjoy life; to never become sick and never live on a compromise again.

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