Master Ziji

Wudang Kung Fu offers a complete package of traditional martial arts, malleable from different perspectives and individual perceptions. The Way of the Dao is a contradiction in terms since according to Lao Tzu the Dao is always everywhere at every time. The path of self-development is the way of the Dao. Where, when and how exactly do you start, is less important because the way is always there and will always find to the self – the Dao.

Important Aspects in Wudang Kung Fu

  • The identification with yourself and integration of mind and body. By emotional self-reflection one gets the balance and control. The preoccupation with oneself is essential for a better understanding.
  • Mental and physical freedom. Only those who are free, also have the most selection and thereby a better natural order. In the life of a child, we learn for the first time one of the greatest physical and mental freedoms. Strength, speed, agility and extensibility are important features that make up our physical vitality and are essential for our advancement. The child itself does not have own prejudices and opinions, so it has no mental limitations. What makes Daoists, is the acquired wisdom and understanding that you can learn something from children.
  • The personification and identification of the Immortals, different animals, dragons, phoenix, Zhen Wu or the five elements. These are important role models and philosophical guidelines on the implementation and understanding of Wudang Kung Fu. The Daoists maintain old traditions and legends, many of these things do not make it over the language barrier to the west. But are essential components of Wudang Kung Fu (Nei Gong, Qi Gong, Liang Yi, Tai Chi).
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Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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