I need to ask this question.
It is about the quality of air(and place) in the area where wudang health qigong is practised.

Does the air quality affect the qigong ?Practising in the pristine mountains like Wudang-is there better quality qi that can be absorbed from the environment?

In the city , there are more PM2.5 or PM10 particles , as well as pollution .
In enclosed environments do VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) affect the qigong exercises?

Could I have your comments please.

Thank you.
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Master Ziji
If you practice in nature, Qi Gong is generally beneficial.
And it should be done in the Morning.

My home country in Austria is surounded by mountains so I have the option to practice in clear mountain air often. For me I do not feel any special difference between our mountains and the mountains in Wudangshan. To be true I prefer my mountains at my home. This is typical I have known people who prefer their mountains in Arizona. Wudangshan is an environment that most people can appreciate - but often it comes down to where you originate from.

One thing is certain - in town or closed rooms the Qi Gong feels different and in nature it feels more effective.
Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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