Hello there, let me introduce myself: I'm a 58 years old guy living in Vienna, Austria and have the great honour (and pleasure) to study with Master Ziji at Wudang Academy. I'm interested in daoist philosophy and, obviously, internal martial arts. Even though i started learning and training late in life, the benefits for health and wellbeing are tremendous. If I would be stuck with Ji Ben Gong and Wuxing Qi Gong forever (although I won't, honestly!), the journey so far was worth every step. So if I can be of help to somebody out there, please feel free to ask!
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Hi Im Mariano Cordero 
I have almays loved Martial Art not just to hurt others anyone can do that because it beutyfull it the beuty that I have always loved and long for.. I have studeyed mystasum and practice tae kwon do but im a type of person that likes to get deep into it I have studdyed Buddust teachings. Daoist techings so with that im always a student. That's all I am just a student.
Mariano Cordero
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