Hello! My name is Richard Styrsky and I am a new annual member. I reside in Sacramento, CA and am excited to get started. I am working on basic calisthenics, stretching and diet. After reading some of the forum posts I take it that I should start with Wu Xing Qi Gong form and Ji Ben Quan with a daily practice of Zhan Zhuang.

I have some background in martial arts, TCM concepts and Buddhist and Daoist philosophy. I learned and earned my way to an instructor level in Shaolin Kempo and operated a dojo in San Diego, CA. During this time I cross trained and built relationships in the martial arts community up and down the state. I spent some time learning Hung Ga, Choy Li Fut and Fu Jow Pai.

I moved to the Sacramento area and trained in Escrima/Kali, Silat and Lua. I am an older man (48 years young) and am a few seasons out of shape. I have learned a lot about my body over time and know that I need to start focusing on long term health and Qi balance. 

I have always dreamed of visiting Wudang to pay my respect, learn and absorb the awe that Wudang inspires. I am excited to start my journey with you and will be a loyal sponge haha!

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Richard Styrsky
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Master Ziji
Welcome! You are right that's a good start!
Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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