Master Ziji
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The evolution of things become apparent once they reveal themselves to our eyes. When we have a hard time to understand, standing by and spectate things with keen interest will naturally improve our understanding. The environment influences people, yet the real quality of life comes from listening to our breathing and heartbeat.

There is a limit on how far we can reach with our arms, but there is no limit how concentrated we can become with our focus. Things we want to catch or reach out for, while being aware of our limitations the determination to move mountains will always prevail. When it is decided one needs to grow over the borders of perception, exploring the inner self; our potential and (hidden) resources.

When one becomes quiet and does not move, only then in the moment of emptiness, the void, things become still, and the natural flow of everything is apparent. The neural connection between our body becomes evident, and so our spirit is free moving, floating, bringing to where we want to be.

What is true living? The living is inside, in ourselves, there is a microcosmos - the constants and non-constants of pure energy bound through our physical and mental structure. Learning from the earthly rules found in our world, we can become self-aware. As a result, Shen 神 (guiding Qi) becomes evident. When achieved one radiates through the eyes and body, concentrated by energy and inspiration the consciousness is growing further and inspires the world by living. This is called "intense being", living by full intention takes discipline, and commitment to the clear cause of doing all one can do and never try less.
Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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