Master Ziji,

I have read some books and seen some videos that talk about our bodies having a natural clock that operates in accordance with darkness and light, and that many of our bodily functions fluctuate according to this schedule. Some of our modern ways of living do not match up with this natural clock, which can cause health issues. Are there Tai Ji or Qi Gong habits that can be developed to help us live in harmony with our natural body rhythms and the earth?

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Master Ziji
Usually we Daoists do not follow a certain schedule - we act according to the environment. When the sun goes up we become active and when the sun goes down we should usually go to sleep.
The natural cycle of the environment is where we feel most comfortable with.

There are no strict rules expect in a Daoist school - what is right or wrong should feel naturally.
Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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