Davide Vecchi
Many postures require that the feet are kept pointing forward, parallel, not open. When I train on the gym floor, which is intended for many different sports and is designed to reduce sliding, it's easier for me to keep my feet parallel avoiding that they open up, because the shoes' soles stick well to the floor.
But now that I have to train always at home, this becomes difficult because the floor is smooth. For example when I do mabu I have to use much more energy to keep the feet from opening up, and I cannot go as down as I can on the gym floor without the feet opening up.

So I'm considering using some help, maybe shoes with soles designed to stick to the floor, or heavy objects placed around my feet that prevent the feet from opening up.

But I'm wondering if this would be "cheating" and would make the exercise much less effective and instead we are supposed to keep the feet straight using only our strength.
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Master Ziji
In Wudang, there are no excuses - if the floor is slippery try to keep the tension within your hips and hold your posture. 🙂
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Master Ziji
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