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Ji Ben Quan 基本拳 is the first basic fist set for long term students in Wudang. Ji Ben Quan promotes balance and position strength that is required for any other Wudang forms. All important basic postures are included (Mabu, Gombu, Pubu, Xiebu, Xübu,). In Wudang Ji Ben Quan one first learns relaxation and to be ready fast and explosive at the right time. Living right now in this moment is all that matters in this form, focus on clear movements and keep the Dantian (energy center) balanced. Traditionally Ji Ben Quan is the only form taught in the first three months; sometimes this was extended up to three years. How long students do this form is highly depending on the master, who will see the will to work hard without questions. Mental interference is quickly detected by this repetitive exercise and will cause inner conflict and redefine the student's personality.

Achieving inner peace in body and mind with Ji Ben Quan will open the doors and lead to further advancement in the internal Wudang Martial Arts. Not to lose strength, relax, remain calm and float like a cloud, but also be explosive, flexible and quick like a dragon. One who does not show aggression but perfect inner balance and peace in mind truly mastered Ji Ben Quan - the basic fist.

Watch this playlist and get inspired by many different Ji Ben Quan performances:

There is also a full tutorial available: Ji Ben Quan - Basic Fist - Full Tutorial
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Master Ziji
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