Kftla Thieu Lam
Hello, we made the project to go to Wudangshan to study martial art and Sanfeng style. We are a group of 7 students. We already practice gongfu in France for at less 15 to 30 years.
In fact, I am the teacher of a little Kungfu school and I hope to bring  my oldest students in Wudangshan between 6 april 19 april to go to the source of Taoism and create a relationship in future.
So we are looking for a school where we could study and live.
I hope this short exposed may allow someone among you to help us to organize our travel.
In wish of an answer, thanck you
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Master Ziji
Hello! You can book and organize your stay over us when you plan on going to Master Chen Shiyu. More information here:  https://wudang.academy/travel-to-wudang-schools-in-china/returning-dragon-temple-master-chen-shiyu/

Otherwise I can also recommend you the school of Master Yuan Xiu Gang which can also be found on our website but must be booked directly with him.

We also have a travel group in 2nd May if you want to join our group! We already booked the flight and for first-timers this is the easiest way to visit Wudang - you can even choose the school:  https://wudang.academy/the-great-wudang-travel-may-2019/
Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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