• Welcome! Read Here First!

    by Master Ziji: Welcome to the Wudang Sanfeng community! Please be considerate of others and keep your posts constructive. Our platform is here to share...

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    Started by Master Ziji

  • Hi Everyone

    by Guillaume T: Hello Wudang Forum ! My name is Guillaume, i'am French and i have 20 ys. Since several years, i practice Martial arts, i have began with some...

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    Started by Guillaume T

  • Hello

    by Zaden81: Hello all from the States. I have been learning from the online academy for a few months now and am glad to see the forum. I have lurked a bit before...

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    Started by Zaden81

  • Hello from SC

    by newlifekungfu: Hello I am new here!

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    Started by newlifekungfu

  • New to the forum

    by Wizard: Hello everyone! My name is Phil. I'm pleased to see a dedicated forum regarding Wudang Kung Fu. It is, without a doubt, my favorite style. I have...

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    Started by Wizard

  • Hello

    by Kaijet: Hello to all, I´m Kai from Germany. The internal martial arts is the main part of my martial journey who I walking on since over 40 years. I wish a...

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    Started by Kaijet

  • Introduction of Richard Leirer

    by RichardQi: Hello, and thank you for creating this forum. My name is Richard Leirer and i began my study and training in 1972. My emphasis is on internal...

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    Started by RichardQi

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