• Welcome! Read Here First!

    Started by Master Ziji: Welcome to the Wudang Sanfeng community! Please be considerate of others and keep your posts constructive. Our platform is here to share...

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  • New to the Forum

    Started by Wuji: Hello there, let me introduce myself: I'm a 58 years old guy living in Vienna, Austria and have the great honour (and pleasure) to study with Master...

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  • New Guy here

    Started by Kim Sanders: I train in a variety of martial arts such as Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, Jujitsu, etc. Looking to expand my knowledge in other arts, and there any...

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  • Newbie in the Wudang Academy - Greetings

    Started by satori: Hello everybody, my name is Jason and I am a master student of Hung Gar Gung Fu (Lam Family). I practiced Greek-Roman Wrestling, Taekwondo, Shorin...

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  • New to Wudang

    Started by Pieter: Dear Master Ziji, A good day to you. For some time I have been visiting the Wudang Online School and I am truly impressed by what you are making...

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  • New member

    Started by Davide Vecchi: Hi everybody, my name is Davide Vecchi, 51 years old Italian from Denmark. My interest for Chinese martial arts comes from my admiration for the Tao...

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  • baduanjin qigong

    Started by sirirat: hi have just joined been doing taichi for 40 years have been looking at the buanjin exercises well the first 3 where are the others please?

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  • Hello, new member here.

    Started by Smoggie: Hello all, just a few lines to introduce myself... I am a 49 year old male originally from England, though at the moment I'm living in Germany. I...

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  • Hi Everyone

    Started by Guillaume T: Hello Wudang Forum ! My name is Guillaume, i'am French and i have 20 ys. Since several years, i practice Martial arts, i have began with some...

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  • Hello

    Started by Zaden81: Hello all from the States. I have been learning from the online academy for a few months now and am glad to see the forum. I have lurked a bit before...

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