• Learning to Enjoy Life

    Started by Master Ziji: Deep within our heart, there is the desire to achieve great things, even if they appear as small from the outside they can move mountains within...

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  • [Movie] Learning About Laozi and the Tao Te Ching

    Started by Master Ziji: This Movie is about Laozi and his Journey (with English subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiS7EzS6wbo

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  • The Three Spirits of Daoism

    Started by Master Ziji: LaoTzu is the initiator of the school of Daoism, his Tao Te Ching marks the peak of ancient Chinese phylosophy. Nowadays, let’s take a review of...

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  • Daoism: Origin

    Started by Master Ziji: The Daoists trace their founder to the Yellow Emperor, and even to the Divine Farmer. They consider all the hermit philosophers under the Five Ti...

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  • How to Make an Effort

    Started by Master Ziji: The effort is a spiritual wealth itself. Without a reason to work there is no creation. Creating a free will is how nature is creating...

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  • Finding Harmony

    Started by Master Ziji: In times of great haste, we seek the refuge called harmony - only to find exhaustion at the end. Do not confuse harmony with something that...

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  • Strength for Reality

    Started by Master Ziji: Living powerful means to live with compromises, but never to live on a compromise. With the freedom to choose everything, we can make reality...

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  • This Moment

    Started by Master Ziji: When we live we forget that we are alive. Being aware and living aware are two separate ways of living. Rather than being conscious at this...

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  • Grasping the Profoundness

    Started by Master Ziji: There is the truth, so profound in its depth that it will not be considered as such for unknowing men. Speaking of it will make it lose its...

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  • Principle of the Universe

    Started by Master Ziji: The Dao is there since eternity, and so are the principles of heaven, the earth is bound by the rule of heaven and is followed by the natural...

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