Master Ziji
The motivation of Taiji is a very far-fetched pursuit. The goal of higher planes towards enlightenment or grounded knowledge of practical wisdom is what makes us do Taiji. Let's imagine these reasons are one and the same. On a quantum level, these reasons are trivial; a little interaction is motivating enough.

In our spiritual plane, the reasoning is the founded reality of our beliefs and knowledge. When a goldfish realizes that he is swimming in circles in an aquarium, he may live in a nightmare or remain in peace. The truth remains unknown to us, but the fish is well aware of his existence. The border between hell and paradise is very close and far distanced at the same time. In a blink with a change of heart, we can find ourselves on either side. This moment is the real impact of harmony, the interaction of Yin and Yang - what we call Taiji.

The closer we are to the identification of doing and not-doing, we find us closer to the opposite at the same time. In the packaging of the reason in unreasoning in each of our answers, we find that we can realize harmony. Every start is a pure and foolish one, and this is how Taiji begins.

Nothing has to be done which does not solve itself if one takes this to heart, so one finds a thousand things which remain unresolved.

Now we become practical:

When we raise our extended arms at a height around our shoulders, we find ourselves high and far reaching. When we let the arms slowly drop the last bit of strength remains in the wrist, a glimpse of uncertainty, or anxiety. Losing control of our little extension, our outer cosmos - is what we don't want to let go. This foolishness is what prevents us from change, letting things come and go in each movement is the key to a harmonized intend.
When we are bound to things we can see and touch, we lose a hold of things that cannot be seen or touched. Reverse the situation and become foolish again, to enjoy Taiji, enjoy nature.

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Master Ziji
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Thank you for this insight. Dao an.
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