Master Ziji

The Dao is there since eternity, and so are the principles of heaven, the earth is bound by the rule of heaven and is followed by the natural order of all things. Linked by nature is the world of humans. As all things emerge, they strive to find a way back to their origin, a way of fulfillment, self-development and continue the cycle back to the Dao.

Dao is nothing and everything, out of nothing everything can be created. The highest level of a Daoist is the quietness, nothingness, selflessness to achieve everything. Working towards the Dao is a way to define oneself and understanding our nature.

In our world, there are only two answers: “Yin or Yang”. The beginning of Yin and Yang is the same as the end of Yin and Yang. This existence and non-existence is the third dimension, from which everything can begin and end. The coexistence in this dimension is defined from the eternity of heaven and the patience of earth. With the presence of this dimension, Yin and Yang emerge and form the principle of the universe.

Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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