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When you have never been in Asia; you should follow the golden rule to travel very light. You probably end up with more stuff back home than your trolley can carry. I once took the Siberian route with the train, but I can't recommend that it's best to book a flight. I prefer to travel with a duffle/backpack & trolley-hybrid solution if you travel a lot inside of China this is your best option while a trolley is best for the airport its a pain in the train. When booking your flight to Wudang the cheapest route is to fly to Beijing and from there to travel by train directly to Wudangshan.

Never travel during Chinese New Year, I once did that, and I definitely cannot recommend that.

Once arrived in Beijing you should know that you need to book a room for the night, it is impossible to go further in one day to Wudangshan since the tickets are always sold out on the same day. Use to book your hostel, the prices there are usually lower than the ones locally even if its the same location. My favorite is the Three Legged Frog Hostel in the central district Qianmen. The hostel is quiet, clean and feels more traditional than others.

Once you arrived at the hostel and had your room, you should travel by subway to West Railway Station:

This place is always completely crowded, and there is a strong security check in all of the entrances. However, you don´t need to go inside the building for your tickets; there is a ticket counter on the right in the upper middle entrance. Prepare a little Chinese sentence to tell them where you want to go. The counter will ask you what time and class and needs to see your passport. English is out of the question; you should be prepared to have basic Chinese sentences for communication. The final train station to Wudang is called "Wudangshan" and usually takes around 22 hours. In the worst case, everything for tomorrow is sold out, and you need to stay two days in the hostel.

Everything in Beijing is usually around twice the price than in Wudangshan, so you should keep your shopping to a minimal.

When you arrive in the Wudangshan Train Station, many taxi drivers are waiting for you and tell you to go with their ride. They all speak English and ask you if you are a student or what place you are going. You should ignore them all since they want way too much money. Right around the corner on the right side when you come out of the train station there is a state-owned bus station, and this will only cost you a few RMB. Do not go to the opposite street from the Wudangshan Train Station; the other bus goes in the opposite direction to Shiyan.
If you arrived during the night there is not much you could do and going by foot to Wudangshan is out of the question. Your school or a friend should help you out and pick you up.

The local bus final destination is the entrance door to Wudangshan, so there is not much that can go wrong here. Depending on where you are going, you should avoid buying tickets for the buses that lead up to Wudangshan. The tickets are too expensive, and you need to buy them all the time, this ticket system is aimed only for tourists who want to see everything in one day and is not affordable for someone who needs to go up and down frequently.

Once you arrive at the entrance you should see this:
Download.jpg  wudang-mountain.jpg

On the right side of the street is the ticket corner, you should go left side and only go up by foot. Ignore the people who might attempt to talk to you. It is easy to go to Chen Shiyus school all by yourself; it is the first big temple you will see ahead of the road. It is also possible that the school drive down and get you during the daytime, but then you need to show a ticket on the main road. That is why you should at least go up by foot the first few stops and then tell the school to get you. You might run into complications in this route; some security guards might not like your attempt to go up there.

There is a safe way:

Get off the bus one station before or go back to the small town before the entrance gate. There is a small river:

You only need to go up the long path along the river. Following this path, you get more and more to the countryside. On the right side, you will see Yuan Xiu Gangs school. It is the white higher building with the metal roof and a yellow banner in front. Following this road further, you should stay on the left side and go up the small hill. Before a big left curve, there is a small pathway leading to your right, it is not a proper road but will take you up to the Wudang main road where the tourist buses drive. Going up you will soon see the whole town from above behind you, there is a small resting place near a power mast. Not much further you arrive at the main road, and you can go pretty much anywhere from there. If your school is higher up, you can tell them to get you from the pagoda which is the first stop and look out. If you need to go to Chen Shiyus school you can go by yourself; the next stop is Huilongguan.

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