Hello everyone!

My name is Phil.
I'm pleased to see a dedicated forum regarding Wudang Kung Fu. It is, without a doubt, my favorite style. I have had a great interest in martial arts for quite sometime now (about 7 years) It began with an interest in Taijutsu, the Kuji In mudra system and watching kung fu videos on youtube. From there I eventually discovered Shaolin and Wudang Kung Fu. I learned Shaolin Ba Duan Jin, and I am currently learning Tong Zi Gong and Yi Jin Jing. I've also been practicing Qigong during this 7 years, and my ultimate goal is to devote a good portion of my life to training in Wudang. 

The first time I saw Taoist Kung Fu, was in a video on youtube entitled: "A Kung Fu Master's Amazing Exercise." In which Master Yuan performs Tai Yi Qigong. Of course, I saw another video: "Chinese Wudang Kung Fu Real Kung Fu" In that video Master Shiyu displays a wide range of abilities from light body skill, to tai chi chuan applications, and even bicycle kicks, which I thought were only in Mortal Kombat on Super Nintendo! (I will link at the bottom, should someone want to view these)
I'm also very thankful to Michael Weichart (youtube page: "Wudang Online Academy) for his work on the exceptional videos that were taken in Wudang. I have watched all of these many times as well. And if it wasn't for all of these videos, I wouldn't have the conception of this style that I have today. Should I accomplish my goal of traveling there, I hope to be able to paint some of the astonishing scenery onto canvas. Then perhaps, people can see it's beauty the way that I do. When I was a child, I saw pictures of the Wudang Mountains, and the ancient buildings that are still there, clinging to it's heavenly peaks. And I have always wished I could go. Now that wish can be made a reality. 

I hope to see this forum flourish, and I am excited to be a member! I'm really curious to learn from other people that have traveled there too. It's been awhile since I've been on a forum, so I'll try my best to be an integral member.

Videos Mentioned Above:
A Kung Fu Master's Amazing Exercise - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXHnWGonPbg
Chinese Wudang Kung Fu Real Kung Fu - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ_vBDxlW4c

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Li Mu Bai 108
Hi Phil, 

great to hear from you and your amazing passion for Wudang Kung Fu. We are planning a journey to visit Shifu Chen Shiyu this August, if you want to join us or get to know why we want to visit especially him please contact Master Ziji. Where are you located?

I' think the video "Chinese Wudang Kung Fu Real Kung Fu" is from another Shifu, I believe it's Shifu Chen Shixing 15th gen San Feng as you can find the vid HERE on his website.  

About two years ago I was searching for a way to keep myself healthy, strong, agile, and well conditioned. Some time ago I was training Muay Thai and practicing Hatha Yoga. Shaoling Kung Fu never attracted me. I was searching for a "sport" with the features of martial arts, hatha yoga and modern dance combined and contacted Shifu Ziji straight after he established the school in Vienna.  I was searching specifically for a "sport" where I leave training more concentrated than I enter it. I came to realize that this is a way of living and in this way of living training never leaves me, as it is a continuous self development. 

You can also find free Wudang Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong Training videos from our school on youtube. 


Great to have you here! 
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Hello Mi Mu Bai, 

Thanks for pointing out the correct Master's name on the posted video. Shifu Chen Shixing's training in 'light body' has always impressed me to no end. I'll check out his page! 

I have recently officially decided upon going to Wudang, so yes, I'd be interested in information on group trips, or arrangements in general. I will surely inquire to Master Ziji about the August trip. 

Have you been to Wudang before? And could I ask- How many years have you trained with Master Ziji in Vienna? (I've been a subscriber to the youtube page for quite sometime. And it's been cool to watch it flourish.) 

I am located at the foot of the rocky mountain range, in Denver Colorado, USA. I have always lived in the city, but have wanted to spend a great deal of time in the mountains since I was young. I can never get up there enough! So perhaps the Wudang Mountains would be suitable for me, as it is not as dry of a climate, and of course, there are great kung fu schools there!

Well, thanks again for the info.

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Li Mu Bai 108
Hi, sorry for delay in my answer, was occupied with different stuff. I've been training for about 1 1/2 years but it really depends on your personal effort and dedication. Nice to hear from a Kung Fu brother in the US! 

Feel ever free to contact us for info or whatever. [smile]
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