Master Ziji

The Beginning

Before I fully understood the way of the Dao I stumbled on a lot of problems in our modern western society. People have their reality and decide to force their wisdom up on you, some even without realizing. This society is stressful because people demand from you and you have to pass their expectations. There is a narrow degree between personal influence and professional growth. Something that makes you stronger doesn't have to be a part of your reality which strikes you personally. I realize that everyone has his "gravitation," and the more energetic you demand, the stronger this becomes, influencing other people to your will. Most people don't realize this, but you can fully decide for yourself if you want to be a part of the reality of others.

Personal Growth

Every person has a zone of comfort, a zone of reality - the zone that explains what is possible and what not. I will refer to this as "personal zone" in this article. This personal zone is critical for achieving your reality. This zone is defined slowly since birth and can vary a lot from your experiences and living style; this is why the way of Dao is individual for everyone, at some point, we step on a train going on our journey, that is what is naturally needed for personal development. At some point people start to question their reality, I believe this a natural process everyone has to undergo, as I examined my reality I began to collect funds for my education on the Wudang Mountains, after five years of hard work in Vienna I was finally able to leave my country.

Master Ziji - Wudangshan, Golden Peak

Daoist philosophy is focused on becoming better, to stay in harmony - Yin Yang balance. But how is this achieved? How can an ancient philosophy apply to modern standards? First of all, you get thrown out of your personal zone. What you believed to be not possible was demanded of you, instead of questioning you should just try and give your best. The problem is what you though is your best is maybe not nearly enough the best you can do. Learning it the hard way you realize that as long you can still stand and think you are perfectly fine. What is asked of you is discipline, ideal discipline - that your resolve is hard as iron. Values that never change, eternal values have real value, which became my principle.

Traditional Daoist Training

When a personal principle becomes eternal - you have accepted it in your heart, which is living in Daoist standards. As a student, my reality was ruled by a coach who decides for me, because in the beginning, my personal zone was way off their demands. Leaving my reality to another person requires a lot of trust, I was fully willing to entrust this to my coach who was a perfectionist and very enthusiastic about making me a full master with everything he knew.

Best Wishes
Master Ziji
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