Since starting traditional kung fu about 18 years ago, I have dabbled in wushu, Chen taiji, fencing, and kickboxing, but I have always been drawn to certain forms, especially straight sword forms. I have been learning baguazhang for a little over a year now, but a recent (not bagua) straight sword form that I learned was very uninspiring to me. Knowing I love straight sword, I started searching online, found Chen Shiyu's Xuan Men Jian form, and stumbled upon all these other wonderful videos. Apparently, all those forms that pull at my heart and inspire me are from the Wudang school. The Xuan Wu Quan form is one of the most beautiful forms I have ever seen (up there with bagua), and I am excited to start learning.

I'm very grateful to have found this resource. I hope I can keep at the basics enough to get to that Xuan Wu Quan form.
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